Jazmin ZaldivarAccountant, Enrolled Agent, QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor Program Member

    Areas of Focus: Business & Non-profit accounting, Taxation, QuickBooks consulting.

    Education & Certifications:

    • Bachelor Degree in Public Accounting, Universidad De Guadalajara
    • Selected Business Management courses, Centralia College
    • Enrolled Agent Review Course, Gleim Accounting
    • Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Member

    I am successful in every challenge I take on.  I am easily adaptable, and a problem solver.

    I have several years of experience in various forms of analytical tax and accounting, including, but not limited to, tax preparation, payroll procedures, finance management and standard financial statement reporting.

    I love accounting because it is a career that allows me to learn something new every time I help a client. Every single entity, whether it’s a for-profit or a non-profit organization, has specific rules that apply to their unique situation and that motivates me to keep learning and expanding my knowledge to better serve my clients. I truly enjoy being able to help each organization meet their responsibilities and help them keep track of their resources so they can achieve their goal or mission. Whether the organization is big or small, there is a great satisfaction when I know I have contributed to the stability of an organization, and that I’m giving the Owners and/or Officers’ piece of mind when it comes to their finances.


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