Business Resource Center has been providing top-notch accounting services since 1994.  Why choose our services over the many options out there?

Reliable, Timely, Accurate & Licensed

Reliable: Our friendly and professional staff is available to you during normal business hours, ensuring your questions are answered.

Timely: We will ensure that your employees and taxes are paid on time – every time, without additional stress to you.

Accurate: Payroll and taxes done correctly – every time.

Licensed: We are a Certified Public Accounting Firm covered by errors and omissions insurance.   You can feel secure knowing we will handle your payroll in a confidential and professional manner.

Our full service payroll pricing is very competitive.

Our full service payroll pricing is very competitive.

We can help — Or do it all for you!

We offer two types of payroll services to meet the many needs of businesses.

Complete: Send us the hours and we will complete your payroll.  Worry Free, Stress Free – Truly that simple.

Supported:  Would you like to be more in control of payroll, and find a solution that makes it easy and uncomplicated?  Our solution allows you to easily compute your payroll and then print checks within minutes!  We will assist you with the tax filings and meeting deadlines.  Our rates are very competitive and you can feel confident that we have your back!

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Time Tracking Resource

Payroll Resources

Download the W-4 form

Download the I-9 form

Download the W-9 form

Hire a Contractor or an Employee?

Independent Contractor or Employee? A Guide by the Internal Revenue Service

Employee or Independent Contractor by Internal Revenue Service

Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding
Download the IRS Form SS8 (fss8.pdf)

Internal Revenue Service 20 point Checklist for Independent Contractor

Estimated Costs of Reclassification of Contractor Wages

Estimated Costs of Reclassification of Owner Distributions

Employment Tax Relief Under Section 530?

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